We design filters, filter separators an d multicyclones in all variaties. Being a specialist on the filed of filtration and separation of solid and liquid impurities out of gas streams. Filtan built separators (AD-Merkblatt design code) for a working pressure up to 500 barg. Due to their special filter elements the filters are capable of separating the finest impurities with a very high separation efficiency.

Separation efficiency

The separation efficiency is the most critical and important parameter of a separator
Many years of testing and extensive computer calcuations enables us to know exactly the separation efficiency of various filter materials. A very high conformity has been found between the actual tests and the computation. These results can be reproduced to support the efficiency of the FILTAN filter separators.

Air / Gasfilter
The application of this filter is the removal of solid impurities out of air and gas streams. A pressure vessel holds various filter elements, depending of the volume of the gas flow, for example made from star folded impregnated cellulose or of neddle felt material. The gas flows from the outside to the inside of the cartridges, thus separating the solid particles. This is known as "surface filtration". The fine solid particles are separated on the impragnated star folded filter element surface. Through continous separation the surface becomes more and more clogged by the dust particles. Consequently, the differential pressure increases until the elements are bursting. Therefore the elements have to be changed at a certain level of the differential pressure. (appr. 1.4 barg)
Air / Gasfilter-Separator


The application of this filter separator is the removal of solid impurities and precipitation of condensate, also in mist form, out of air and gas streams. The pressure vessel is equipped with coalescer elements. The elements consits of various layers of packed glass fibre. Fine and finest droplets are carried by the gas stream into this layers. These droplets encounter fibres, stick down to them and run down. On the way downwards they meet other droplets and agglomerate to larger droplets which are flowing down inside the fibre glass layers also. To achieve the high separation efficiency the gas muts flow from the inside to the outside of the coalescer elements. If no solid particles are present in the gas stream the replacement of the elments is not required.

Air / Gasfilter-Separator
The application of the two types of separators is the removal of solid impuriies and precipitaion of condensate, also in mist form, out of air and gas streams. This types of separators are equipped with both types of cartridges such as filter and coalescer elements.

ABB: 3 Abscheider mit Filterkerzen und Coalescer-Elementen
Air / Gasfilter-Cyclone-Separator

The application of the mulitcyclones is the removal of mechanical and liquid impurities out of air and gas streams. The use of the multidyclones is recommended it a separation efficiency off 99% above 8 microns is required, slugs could occur or maintenance-free operation without the exchange of filter elements is required.
ABB: 4 Multizyklon
ABB.2 Abscheider mit Coalescer Elementen
ABB. 1 Filter