The application of the adsorber type LG-AK is the removal of different vapour componentes out of a gas stream, which cannot be separated by a conventional separator. Fluids and other solid particles will be separated as well.


The adsorber is a vertical cylindrical vessel, with an inlet distributor, an outlet collector, a holding down grid, a separating grid, the adsorbtion material and ceramic balls as the final lower packing.

The inlet distributor in conjunction with the outlet collector ensures a constant gas stream over the vessel area. To avoid any carry over of the adsorbtion material into the inlet distributor during flushing a holding down grid is installed. The packing material (ceramic balls) at the bottum of the vessel is carrying the adsorbtion material and is seperated by a mesh wire.


The natural gas is entering the vessel through the inlet nozzle into the inlet distributor. The gas flows over the whole area of the absorbtion material down through the vessel. The vapour components are adsorbed out of the natural gas. The clean natural gas is leaving the vessel by passing the final packing layer (ceramic balls), the outlet collector and the outlet nozzle.

The performance and actual conditions of the absorbtion material can be checked through the sample points.