FILTAN is a private German company located in the area of Frankfurt (Main). Since it was founded in 1970 FILTAN has aquired an excellent reputation in the natural gas industry as a specialist for filter separation. This reputation and the fact that we have contributed significantly to the standards of the separation technology has expanded our list of customers to include all major natural gas producing companies and gas transportation companies. Especially we are very proud to having brought one of the newest technique in liquid hydrocarbon recovery and natural gas dehydration to the world market with the Vortex Tube Separator.

We are building filters, filter separators and multicyclones in all variaties

Being a specialist on the field of filtration and separation of solid and liquid impurities out of gas streams, we built separators for pressures up to 500 barg. Due to their special filter elements they are capable of separating the finest impurities with a very good efficiency. The FILTAN cyclone was developed especially for the separation of large quantities of liquids. A great number of tests inour laboratorium has proven: the FILTAN multisyclone is superior to other designs in the field of liquid separation out of gas streams.

The Vortex Tube Separator
FILTAN GmbH announced in July, 1999 that the German Thyssengas GmbH in Duisburg has awarded a purchase order for the supply of a dehydration unit with a V(ortex) T(ube) S(eparator) for the cavern storage in Epe/North-Rhine Westfalia.
The dehydration unit with the Vortex Tube Separator has a capacity of 140.000 Vnm³/h at a cavern storage pressure of appr. 210 to 40 barg. The performance test of the VTS was finished in February 2001 sucessfully and the unit went into operation.