Our business is the field of filtration and separation of solid und liquid impurities out of air and natural gas streams. Apart from this we offer several customzied solutions for liquid filtrations also.

FILTAN has developed together with the Ruhrgas AG the Vortex Tube Separator to establish a new technology for the natural gas dehydration. The first Vortex Tube Separator for the gas dehydration application was ordered by the Thyssengas GmbH in Duisburg for their cavern storage in Epe, North Rhine Westfalia in July 1999. After the sucessful performance test the new dehydration unit was handed over to the client in March 2001.

Our products

The separators will be designed as a single stage or multi stage vessel, where two or more systems are combined in one unit. There are horizontal and vertical designs available.

FILTAN is designing and building all filters, separators, gas dehydration units according to the customer specification and relevant international standards such as BS 5500, ASME code and German AD-Merkblatt.